More and more customers are finding products and services through the internet, having an online presence has become an integral part of your business’s ability to connect with customers.

6 Reasons a Website is Beneficial

Reason 1 – Access to millions of people

Over 2.4 billion people use the internet every day, around 90% of these people have used the internet to buy something or contacted a business within the past 12 months. Imagine the number of additional customers you could be potentially accessing with a website.

Reason 2 – A Digital Brochure

In the time before the internet, companies relied on advertising methods such as brochures and other print media. With websites now being so affordable, you would be crazy not to have one. Your website will sell your product for you, much cheaper than handing out brochures all day.

Reason 3 – 24/7

Your website can provide customers with information on your product at any time without the need of you answering phone calls or emails.

Reason 4 – Looking Professional

Not having a website is a thing of the past and may result in a customer choosing your competitors instead. Businesses look a lot more professional if they have a solid, professional web page.

Reason 5 – Custom Emails (

Having custom emails makes it much easier for customers to email you. Having an email such as is much more professional than

Reason 6 – Maintainability

Unlike print media, websites are super easy to change, this keeps cost down and makes adding and taking away products or services super simple.