What is Website Hosting?

What is Website Hosting? Why does it matter?

Here at Web Connect Solutions, we get this question A LOT. In fact, almost 90% of new clients ask the question – “What is Website Hosting? Why do i need to pay for it?”

In a very simple and non-technical explanation – ‘Website hosting is the computer that runs your website’ but how does it work?

Websites operate with the utilisation of 3 types of technologies;


A Domain name is essentially your website name. Its how users find and connect to your website. For example, our website is www.webconnect.net.au. If a user typed this address into any web browser they would be directed to our website. This is the domain name. Without it, users would have to individually type an IP address (4 Sets of numbers) into their browser in order to access your website.

It is recommended for businesses in Australia to register a .com.au instead of another TLD (end of the domain name) Registering a .com.au requires an active ABN to be associated with the domain name.

DNS (Domain Name System)

Think of DNS as the phone book for your domain name. When a user looks up your website, DNS points them to the correct server where your website is situated. In a brief example;

webconnect.net.au ->

In this above example, we see ‘webconnect.net.au’ points to the IP Address ‘’. This is done by creating a DNS record. Once created DNS servers around the world update their copy of your domain to replicate the change. Once changed if a client looked up webconnect.net.au they would get sent automatically to the IP Address

We could go on and on about DNS and the different types of records. But for this post, we will just touch on what it does for websites.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting is the backbone of your website. It ensures potential clients can access your website, anytime from anywhere. There are 3 major factors that influence good Website hosting;

      • Location – It is crucial that your website is hosted closest to your target audience. Google recognises this based on your clients viewing your website and in fact, plays an important role in SEO. If your website is hosted in America, but your clients are in Australia, this is going to create a sluggish connection for your Australian Audience.
      • Speed – Although having your website hosted closer to your audience already makes viewing your website 40% quicker. The speed of the server is another crucial element of serving your website. Hosted your website on fast SSD (Solid State Drive) servers with the latest hardware will help make your website even faster
      • Security – With the rise of security breaches and hackers, website security is and will always be number #1 priority for hosting a website. After all, what’s the point of hosting a website if its just going to get hacked anyway?

Why do I need to pay for it? – The all-important question

Hosting a website takes a lot of time and monitoring to get it right. Paying to have your website hosted, monitored and secured ensures your website is being maintained and served to your clients properly.

How does Web Connect Solutions do it?

Here at Web Connect Solutions, we make high quality hosting solutions our priority. Unlike many other Website Designs, we host our websites on high-performance servers in Sydney. In fact, we have websites hosted in every major city in Australia. Cool right!

All our servers, websites and assets are backed up daily, onsite and offsite. This ensures minimal downtown in the event of a disaster.

We charge a small fee each month to properly host, maintain and monitor our client’s websites. Without this, we wouldn’t be able to provide the service we provide today.

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